FAQ . Frequently Asked Questions

We are trying to keep this site as simple to use as possible.
If there are still some questions left why dont you use our Contact form.

How do I register on AddMyIM?

You simply click this link here: Click Here to register and follow the prompts.
The registration is made simple so whilst you register to the site you directly setup your complete profile.
Ofcourse most settings can be changed on a later date.

haven't received my activation

We are experiencing problems with our email delivery.
In allot of cases our emails get flagged as "Junk".
But in most cases you should receive this within 60 seconds of registering.
You can manually resend your activation link again by Click Here to resend activation
Always make sure you check your "spam/junk" folder.

I want to remove my account

We will be very sad if you decide to leave us but it's all up to you ofcourse.
There are two ways to remove your account
1) Login to the site and goto My Account -> Remove Account.
2) Request removal by following this link

How do I report an account on the site?

Reporting other accounts is done anonymously. We will never inform the reported account who reported them.
We take all reports serious and we try to handle them as soon as possible.
To report an account you can simply press the "Report User" button and fill out the form.
We usually report back to you by Private Message so you know what we have done.

I Registered with an invallid email what to do?

You can remove an account by looking at step "I want to remove my account"
However if you made a mistake just simply sign up again using the correct email address.
You can always Contact form us and just tell us what happend.

How do I contact AddMyIM about anything else?

Just click here to contact AddMyIM

My account has been removed, why?

It could be that your profile didn't agree with our Terms and Conditions.
Another possibility is that you have spammed our system.
Or other users have reported you.
You can always request more info by using our Contact form